29 August 2012

New blog!

Well, this is the first time i've set up my own blog, I thought as I'm turning 20 its time for me to use this website to explore some creative ideas! I love everything that is fashion, but I'm also very into my music and films. So I hope to share with everyone my interests and open up my life and my fashion to you all!

 The blog name Et Dieu...Créa La Femme is a title from one of my favourite French New Wave films. It debuts the beautiful Bridgette Bardot as Juliette, a sexually captivating young woman who's free spirit and hedonistic ways make her all the more a temptress. For most of the film Bardot is either lounging outside naked, moping in bed, bicycling round in cute outfits or being admired by men.

 She has that kind of sex appeal, that makes men helpless, and me, insanely jealous...My girl crush on Bardot is not the only reason this film stands out to me, the fashion, the setting and the sexual liberating message the film throws out makes me thrilled to be a woman!...Or maybe I just want to be Bridgette Bardot.

Images via Tumblr