20 September 2012

Subtle Tattoos

I love tattoos, I think on girls the subtler the tattoo the better. Men can afford to get sleeves and look rock and roll but I'm not into it on women. I have 3 tattoos, a small heart on my finger; a triangle on my wrist and a shamrock on my foot. I'm contemplating on getting a new one this year, it definitely is very addictive, once you start its hard to stop. Most of my tattoos mean something to me (minus the heart, it was kind of a fun first tattoo) and I advise anyone who wants a tattoo for it to have personal meaning, or a story behind it. Heres some small simple tattoos i happened to like and wanted to share with you all.

I realise this isn't very subtle, but I think its beautiful!

Heres my triangle...

photos via Tumblr