20 September 2012

La Bonheur

La Bonheur is a film made in 1965 directed by Agnes Varda. It falls into the category of french new wave and I've focused on it purely because the plot is so unusual, and I really enjoyed Varda's masterful use of bright, oversaturated color (including fades to vivid primary colors instead of black in scene transitions)

La Bonheur translates to 'Happiness', the protaganist Francois is so happy, because he has a wife (Therese) who cares only for him and their two lovely kids. He has a rewarding job as a carpenter, and a good relationship with his brother. One day he meets lovely postal worker Emilie and starts an affair with her, and now he’s even happier. Francois has so much joy that he can’t contain it all, so he tells his wife how happy he is to have two lovely women in his life, and an hour later she goes off and drowns herself. A few months pass before Emilie moves smoothly into the role of wife/mother, and Francois’ happiness continues as before.