4 September 2012

Nail ~ Art

Looking through pictures on my phone Ive come to realise I have a weird obsession with taking photos of my hands... I love painting my nails, its the perfect thing to do when bored!

Unfortunately i'm not superhuman and I didn't paint the last ones myself, I went to WAH nails available at the bottom floor of Topshop in Oxford street. Its the latest craze, enabling you to pick your own pattern and colour to create your own personal look! check out the website for some more crazy looking nails-  http://wah-nails.com/

If you're more creative and like to do these things yourself, theres a great website - http://thebeautydepartment.com/tutorials/  which provides you with step to step tutorials on how to make magic nails.

Photos taken by Nicole Robinson 
Last two photos via The Beauty Department