16 October 2012

Shaved Fish

Today was a pretty cool day, first of all I went to go try out Rian's new record player. I have found a load of my dads old vinlys recently so it was fun for them to be played for the first time in like 20 odd years. We also rummaged through Rian's loft and found a lot of soul, reggae and rock and roll records that belonged to his parents. This Christmas, I am definitely asking for a record player! Then tonight, my mum, Rian and I went to the Ritz in London for a taster dinner. It was absolutely amazing! The actual decoration of the lobby and restaurant are so beautiful and the food was even better! Here are some pictures I've taken today...

My first outfit is a vintage oversized shirt, cycling shorts from AA, black tights and DM shoes. My second outfit is a Cath Kidston dress and black tights.

photos taken by Nicole Robinson