20 February 2013


I was so excited when I got approached by Glacéau vitaminwater (the official soft drink supplier to London Fashion Week) to go see Holly Fulton's show AND to be present at a q&a with the beautiful Helena Christensen, regarding her collection of lingerie at Triumph. 

Firstly, the q&a took place last Friday at the Maison Triumph, a pop-up showspace on Monmouth Street in Covent Garden. I was welcomed to a champagne reception in a small and intimate setting. Helena soon came out wearing a fitted black high-waisted skirt, with a lacy bodice (from Triumph) and suit jacket... proving  lingerie can be worn as outerwear too! 

She talked lovingly of the incredible people she gets the pleasure to work with, such as famous photographers Karl Lagerfeld, and Peter Lindbergh. She mentioned that one of her all time favourite shoots was with Lindbergh, in which she was 'falling in love with an alien' (seen below) When asked if she had any fashion images of herself around her home, she replied 'no, definitely not. I'm saving them for my grandchildren' 

I got the opportunity to have a look at her Triumph collection, and it seems very vintage inspired, with a lot of lace detail and faded colours. When asked if she was inspired by vintage fashion, she responded "Absolutely, I think this is because the pieces are all handmade and crafted by artists. From the intricate details to the lace, you just get goosebumps when you look at it"

Then early Sunday morning, I attended Holly Fulton's show at the ME London Hotel located on the Strand, just opposite Somerset House.  It was set down in the basement, which sort of resembled a cool grungy nightclub with sinister red lighting and Patti Smith blaring out the speakers. 

Her line was inspired by the underground 70s rock scene, especially focusing on the "art school rockers" For me, this was conveyed through the colours she concentrated on (reds, whites, blacks, and blues) the cool tattooed leather biker jackets, some punky mohair fabric and of course, bright red lipstick. 


Glacéau vitaminwater was present on all the front row seats, and it seems Holly Fulton herself was keeping refreshed whilst watching nervously from the sideline. 

If I could choose one piece from the collection to have in my wardrobe it would be this amazing cropped leather jacket embroidered with blue and white flowers . I've never seen anything like this before, and I like the idea of having a feminine take on leather. It works really well, and looks beautiful.

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