14 September 2012

Beautiful Braids

Sometimes we need some hair inspiration, so I'm focusing on beautiful braids. I absolutely love weird and wonderful braids in hair, I think it looks so lovely and feminine. For me, a big messy braid wrapped round your head is the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day! (milk maid braid displayed on Drew Barrymore and Ashley Olsen below) A small cute plait at the front of your hair is always an easy way to make your hair more interesting, or if you're having a really bad hair day you can try a fishtail braid (both displayed on me below).

perfect go-to hairstyle for festivals!
...or for holiday!

Heres a picture from Vogue fashion night out at Opening Ceremony in Covent Garden, there were girls from Bleach available to do crazy Korean pop hair styles. I went for orange braided horns and my friend Eloise went for the wacky colourful braids.

I know not everyone has the braiding gift, it normally helps when you've had long hair for most your life and lots of practice. I'm not a master in braiding just yet, but I do love to experiment and practice with my own hair. Looking through pictures on the internet, I'm amazed at all the different varieties of braids. Like this one below, I don't understand it but it blows my mind!

this one looks easy to do!

perfect wedding hair!

this is so simple yet pretty!
photos via Tumblr

If you want to know how to do a milk maid braid, here is an easy tutorial: