14 September 2012


This year, my boyfriend and I went to India for the month of May to travel around and experience a new culture we weren't familiar with. I can honestly say I'm going to go back and explore more of India for a longer time. Its absolutely amazing, theres so much to see and the Indian people are friendly and helpful. Although their obsession with white skin is quite overpowering, really they just want to talk to you or get a picture with you. 

I found the markets and the beautiful colours you see day to day so inspiring,  and I loved how most things like signs or buildings were hand painted and hand crafted. Its hard to get used to the incessant amount of cows strolling the streets, and don't forget wild dogs and monkeys too. Even so, its such an incredible place, you don't realise how big the country is once you're travelling. Here are some photos:

Me standing outside the arch way of a hotel in Udaipur

Sunrise in Pushkar

Morning smoke

Me with my fan club

Beautiful leather bags in a Rajasthan Market

Art work at Sai Baba Haveli

A clan of monkeys in Pushkar

 Next to the Ganges in Rishikesh

The chaotic streets of Amritsar

Cows like the beach too, and in India they have humps?

More monkeys in Rishikesh


This dude has been growing his dreads for 26 years

Waterfall in Uttarakhand

Tibetan cafe in the mountains

Sonu's Juice Bar, Pushkar


More market

Finishing off the book 'The Help'

A group of gypsy girls ages 10 to 21

Henna for £1

Vegetable market

Sai Baba Haveli- our favourite hotel